Wolwedans Dunes Lodge, Namibia


It is amazing to witness the beauty and timeless nature of Namibia’s desert. It’s almost as if you can forget about the city. It’s easy to imagine life fifty years ago, or 500 years ago when you stand in the middle.

The vast Sossusvlei area feels endless from the Wolwedans dunes Lodge in Namibia. You will fall in love with Namibia whether you choose to stay in one of the 18 bedrooms at the Dunes Lodge or Boulders Safari Camp’s exclusive Mountain View Suite.

How to Get There

Wolwedans Dunes Lodge’s great advantage is its distance from city life. It’s approximately 260 miles away from Windhoek and Swakopmund. Walvis Bay is 245 miles away.

It is a beautiful drive, but Namibia is definitely one place you’ll want to rent a vehicle to explore at your own pace.

Windhoek is Namibia’s capital. It is modern and has a European feel that is worth exploring. This is a great place to begin your adventure, but it’s not the best place to explore the true treasures of Namibia.

The Lodge

The Wolwedans Dunes Lodge is perched on a plateau of dune. It offers a breathtaking view of Sossusvlei. Two lounges are available in the main lodge, which includes a wine cellar, two dining rooms and a library. There is also a large deck that allows you to relax while enjoying the outdoors.

Wolwedans Dunes Lodge Namibia Hotel
Wolwedans Dunes Lodge Namibia Hotel

Each area has a veranda that opens onto the outside, where you can relax, enjoy the view and meet other travelers. You can also find a swimming pool with hammocks and loungers that you can use to spend lazy afternoons in the sun.

The Rooms

Nine beautiful chalets make up the Wolwedans dunes Lodge. Each has its own bathroom and veranda. These rooms are ideal for glamping or taking in the breathtaking views.

To feel as if you are outside, you can open the canvas blinds up all the way. Or you can shut them down to feel alone in the great wilderness at night.

A massage can be enjoyed from the comfort of your chalet. It’s a great way to relax with the cool desert breeze and quiet stillness. Staff will also leave small cookies and hot coffee on a tray in the morning.

Each morning, I would wake up at sunrise to watch Oryx pass my tent.

Food and Drink

Wolwedans’ chefs are always eager to please and the place is often rated as having the best Namibian safari food. The lodge’s meals are elegant and simple, with a chic table setting and bush cuisine.

Wolwedans dunes Lodge uses only organic and fresh ingredients. A great selection of wines is also available from South Africa and Namibia.


Your Wolwedans experience can be customized to suit your needs. It’s the perfect spot to enjoy a sunrise hot air balloon flight, a game drive with local wildlife, or just unplug and chill by the poolside.

Namibia’s unique landscape is waiting to be explored.

These are some helpful tips

This area will be totally disconnected. You will have WiFi and electricity in the basecamp. I recommend staying low-tech.

Tents aren’t equipped with electricity, TV or air conditioning. You should bring lightweight clothes and an old-fashioned book (or a fully charged Kindle).

The Dunes Lodge is Wolwedans’ most accessible accommodation option. This area tends to be older, while younger travellers often choose camping.

I also spent two nights at Wolwedans Safari Camp, which is located 27 miles from the Dunes Lodge. It was an incredible stay.

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