Ten Reasons to Visit Iceland


Iceland is a beautiful country. I have been to Iceland twice to see it from all angles.

These are 10 reasons to visit Iceland.

10. The Silfra Fissure: Diving

Since becoming a PADI Open Water Diver, I have been looking for amazing diving experiences. The Silfra Fissure dive is often called one of the best 10 dive experiences anywhere in the world.

Divers and snorkelers can swim between the North American continental plates and the Eurasian continental plates in the most clear water on Earth, with visibility of over 100 metres.

9. The Golden Circle

Geysers, waterfalls, and volcanic craters – oh my!

One of the most spectacular road trips anywhere in the world is The Golden Circle. For a breathtaking display of nature’s amazing beauty, drive around the island on “The Golden Circle”.

8. Iceland Horses

Cuz. Horses. Are. So. PRETTY!

7. The Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is known as one of the most spectacular swimming pools in the world. Its water temperature is an average of 37-39 degrees Celsius (98-102 degrees F) year-round, making it one the most visited destinations in Iceland.

Warm waters rich in minerals such as silica, sulphur, and bathing at the Blue Lagoon can have healing and rejuvenating effects for your skin.

6. Reykjavik Metropolitan Police

It’s not a joke. It’s amazing.

5. Aurora Borealis / The Northern Lights

Many people have their sights set on seeing the Northern Lights. Iceland is one of the most beautiful places to do this. Arctic Adventures offers guests a unique opportunity to hunt for this beautiful natural phenomenon, especially in winter when the skies are dark.

4. The Video

If this video isn’t enough to make you want jump on a plane, high-five the Icelander that you see upon landing, then I don’t know what else will. The Iceland Tourism Board is amazing!

3. The Ion Hotel

Although I am all for eco-friendly hotels I will not leave a hotel with a view to the Northern Lights. The Ion Luxury Hotel is an award winning design hotel that sits against the backdrop of lava hills.

2. Volcanoes

You can tour Iceland in a super jeep or helicopter. There are approximately 130 volcanoes, some of which are active and some that are extinct. Fly over active volcanoes or descend 120m into the Thrihnukagigur volcano.

1. Glacier & Ice Cave Trekking

Get your ice axe out and get ready to explore Iceland’s amazing glaciers. The Solheimajokull glacier, which is made of ancient frozen water, is ideal for exploring caves and ice formations.

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