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Song of the Earth

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The Neath & Tennant Canals, some 21 miles of waterway which run from Glynneath to Briton Ferry and Aberdulais to Swansea through a variety of woodland, estuary and mountain scenery are the backdrop for much of the action in Alexander Cordell's exciting portrayal of life on the Welsh canals, Song of the Earth. In this story, Mostyn and Bryn Evans and their family struggle to survive the changes of the industrial period.

"I hear again the run of the Nedd, smell again the sweet, sour earth smell of the cut: aye, all the song of the earth is mine...." Song of the Earth

This tour includes a circular route of about 20 miles that starts and finishes at Aberdulais Falls, and a second section that explores Aberdare.

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