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There is so much to do in Cordell Country that a day trip can easily turn into a long weekend - and to help you have a relaxing as well as an inspiring break, there are a range of accommodation providers to suit all needs. Take a look at the places to stay option as you explore the routes, or else look at the places to stay section.

Winners - Under 11

Prize – a day out with your class visiting an attraction that gives an insight into the stories written by Alexander Cordell – such as Big Pit, Rhondda Heritage Park or Cyfarthfa Castle.

2 runners up will have £25 book tokens and a Tonypandy book.



Y Gumuned - by Lauren Golding-Hann

"Un tro roedd dyn yn byw ac yr oedd e’n gweithio o dan y ddaear yn y pwll. Roedd e’n ddyn caredig iawn. Pob dydd pan gerddodd e i gwaith, gwelodd e teuluoedd yn eistedd o dan coed a gofynodd e beth roedden nhw’n gwneud a pam? “Rydyn ni’n aros”."

Runners Up

Dianc – by Esyllt Sian Williams 

 "Yn gynnar iawn, aeth Dad i’w waith yn y pyllau glo.

Ar ol ysgol rhoddais y radio arno. “Mae ffrwydrad enfawr yn mhyllau’r glo wedi lladd ganoedd o lowyr y bore ‘ma,” dwedodd y newiddiadirwr.

Oedd  Dad wedi dianc, neu wedi ei ddal?

Aeth oriau heibio. Agorodd y drws. Dad."

 Once upon a time there was a boy who had no clock so he told the time with trains – by Leo Carey-Read 

"Leo rose with the down-train as it carried coal on the narrow-gauge railway in the valley bottom, at 06:33.

He would scoff his jam sandwich, as the up-train dragged the empty drams back at 12:52.

Leo would head-off home, as the red-light on the guards-van vanished from view at 7:32."

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