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There is so much to do in Cordell Country that a day trip can easily turn into a long weekend - and to help you have a relaxing as well as an inspiring break, there are a range of accommodation providers to suit all needs. Take a look at the places to stay option as you explore the routes, or else look at the places to stay section.

Winners - Adult

Prize – Dinner, bed and Breakfast at (donated by The Angel) and an opportunity to explore more of Cordell Country.

The 2 runners up each received a £25 book tokens and a Tonypandy book.



21st October 1966 - by Sue Powis

 "She explained how they stood in Merthyr Vale, helpless hands reaching across the misty valley to claw bare-handed at the black river, shoulder-to-shoulder with the desperate mothers and miners.

In Birmingham we made lines of pennies in the playground.

And Nana, a Merthyr girl thirty years in Warwickshire, fell silent."

Runners Up

Tonypandy’s Child of 1910 - by Lynda Turner

"I ran after Da, shattered glass crunching beneath my feet.  He disappeared amidst a sea of helmeted police. Batons raised, they felled our lads. Da's shift carried him home. Blood oozing from his head, he breathed his last. Vowing revenge, I left our valley, a proud miner’s son seaward bound."

To Live, Thrive and Survive in Port Talbot. - by Julie Noble

"The community wheezed under the smoky breathing of the Steelworks. The men came home, tired conquerors, their clothing snorting sulphur over hall floors.

Someone’s son left for study in England. All the mothers frowned, but he returned, conquering a new industrial dragon, sending byte-size pulses of fire along steel wire."

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