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There is so much to do in Cordell Country that a day trip can easily turn into a long weekend - and to help you have a relaxing as well as an inspiring break, there are a range of accommodation providers to suit all needs. Take a look at the places to stay option as you explore the routes, or else look at the places to stay section.

Winners - 12 - 18

Prize – An e reader

2 runners up will have £25 book tokens and a Tonypandy book.


An unbelievable escape! - by Isaac (Zac) Barton

"With little warning came the crashing rocks down the mountainside, and soon my whole school was covered. I stood in horror as the flood consumed my classmates. And, with all hope lost, I started crying. Until I saw a hand, that pulled me from my death. An unbelievably bright hand."

Runners Up

United in our Differences!  - by Beth Jones

"The community festival begins, and as I walk through the door the spicy aroma of curry hits me. The sequins on Mrs Badats Sari shop shine, and the vicar’s fussing over his jumble sale. Meanwhile the Rabbi’s enjoying the bouncy castle!   Everybody’s little contributions are making one great diverse community!"

The man in the Microwave  - by Tamara Grant

"I ignored the faint thumping noises of tiny fists against Perspex, the muffled cries. Then at the bleep, I peered in through the glass.  

Unfortunately the miniscule man was quite dead. I'd hoped he'd blow up in size, like popcorn. But reheating men was never really my line of expertise."

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